Five Trendy Bridal Lehenga Styles for the New-Age Brides

Hello gorgeous ladies! It’s a great time to be an Indian bride. Not only is the wedding season approaching but being the Indian bride has its own magnificent and regal perks. You get to wear the classiest and most decorated attires, cover your hands and foot with mehendi and simply rock weddings in Indian style. 2016 has seen some of the trendiest and jaw dropping lehenga styles for the new age brides. The bride of 2016 in India has a lot of options on her table. You don’t need to simply go with the basic red anymore. You can experiment with colors and styles alike. Also you get to incorporate modernity in your traditional bridal lehenga and wear some of the most stunning designs.


Latest Bridal Lehenga Styles to Stun You

Prepare yourself to be amazed. Following will be listed 5 trendy bridal lehenga designs hot off the ramp of latest fashion weeks which will simply bewilder your mind regarding how magnificent and beautiful they are. Check these out right here:

  1. Silk & Net Based Lehenga

The latest fashion weeks have seen some of the best creations of bridal lehengas using glamorous silk base in the shades of pastels but with heavy and intricate embroidery all over. On top of it, the incorporation of net fabric makes it chic and edgy. It reflects femininity, glamour and beauty all rolled into the long skirts of the lehenga.

Go for metallic make up and diamond bling to glam up your bridal look as you become the most stunning & elegant bride.

  1. The Mughal Indian Lehenga

Breathtaking embroidery, flawless suave cuts, highly intricate fabric designs…these are all the aspects of the royal Mughal style bridal lehenga which you can get in discounted price using the Snapdeal offers. Stunning shades of dark colors of green, maroon, brown, ink blue will make you a stunning bride, rather a queen as the fabrics portray. Velvet fabric for your fitted blouse while the long suave skirt adorned with eye popping art will simply create a royal feel.

Go with simple yet dark make up to complement the beauty of this lehenga.

  1. Traditional Veils & Trails

Long veils when paired with long trails of your skirt, make you the most beautiful and traditional bride of the season. A long veil of net fabric with floral and flowy designs which you can buy using the coupons from  along with the classical West design of a long trail will create couture in itself. Go for fish cuts to accentuate your curves and to look taller than your exact height.

For makeup, go for bright and rich makeup to complete the couture look. In colors, bright colored embroidery on a contrast base will suit perfectly.

  1. Indo Western fusion of Silhouette

Timeless silhouettes that feature hand-woven artistry along with the elegant silk clean and crisp design on the fabric bring in the West to create the blend of a magnificent fusion. Pair up with long-length jackets to add the simple yet powerful element and go for ombre, bright reds and bright maroon for your eternally fashionable bridal lehenga.

You can go for a bright and toned makeup with this and scarlet bright lips.

  1. The Sari style Bridal Lehenga

This season’s fashion week saw what can be called the Indian version of gowns in the bridal lehenga fashion. The pallu attached to the flowy skirt with traditional silhouettes give the idea of a vivacious, young and feminine bridal look. Zardosi, velvet and silk are the popular fabric choices to go for with this lehenga style.

You can keep your makeup red-based with this type sari-style bridal lehenga.

So, are you ready to become the most stunning bride with your bridal lehenga? You can do this easily by draping in the latest bridal lehengas and show hoe timeless and ethereal fashion can be. Click here while browsing on your favorite lehenga and get prepared to look trendy yet traditional. Have your fairy tale wedding as you walk down the mandap looking like the angelic princess of your favorite fairy tale.


Folding Shopping Carts and Folding Grocery Carts: Shop With Satisfaction

Shopping is an activity which each of us indulges into to buy something which we need in our life. Shopping with ease has become today’s trend. Shopping Carts are a boon in this regard as they not only help customers to carry their heavy merchandise from one point to another but also give immense pleasure for the fact that they do not have to take up any strenuous activity while enjoying shopping for their near and dear ones. Since their advent in 1937, shopping carts are of great utility.

Shopping carts are available in various shapes and sizes depending upon their utility. They are often made some kind of metal or plastics. They themselves are light weight but can carry huge amount of load in terms of the merchandize bought by the customer.

With innumerable features, it is often confusing for the customers to select just the right cart for themselves. Folding Shopping Carts are gaining popularity not only with the seniors and parents but also with the young adults as these carts give them the freedom of shopping with physical ease. Parents often carry their kids with them to the shopping malls and the supermarkets. There are shopping carts which have the facility of carrying infants besides carrying the merchandize, giving the parents the satisfaction of keeping their adorable kids in front of them.

Talking of shopping grocery carts the most important part of the carts is their design. Most commonly used and perhaps the most popular design is the “Wheelie Design” wherein the rear wheels are made a bit larger than the front ones. Wheels are often made of plastic or rubber. The other popular design is “The Swiveler” which is often found in the grocery shop.

Grip handles are also another important feature of the shopping carts. Handles often come with an ergonomic design with foam or rubber grip for proper handling of the cart. Local Groceries often come up with carts which have handles with plastic grips, but they are not only cheap but also uncomfortable to handle. But since they are meant for people who belong to middle class or lower middle class families, so shop owners often go for cheaper designs.

Today’s economy is seeing a boom in the retailer market which results into growing number of shopping malls, retail stores and departmental stores. This has given rise to increase in the usage of shopping carts. Lately usage of huge number carts is seeing small accidents taking place in the supermarkets. These accidents though not very serious for the adults but might often prove fatal for the infants involved.

So to avoid these unfortunate incidents, today’s shopping malls are using electronic carts. They are easy to control and are safer than ever before. They are also very useful as they cannot be stolen easily and can be collected from the parking lot easily. These carts are also a boon to physically challenged people who can control them easily. Folding Shopping Carts are of great use to today’s buyers.

All of your Shopping in one Place at Central Avenue

Central Avenue is one of the largest shopping areas in Westchester and offers many retail shops as well as restaurants and boutiques. This area is more like a huge farmer’s market than a shopping area and anyone can find just about anything they want here. No matter how you like to shop, this is the place to go to find everything you could want, all in one place. You can grab a quick bite to eat on your lunch break or spend the day with the family clothes shopping. Looking for that perfect present for that hard to shop for person? With all the shops located here you are nearly guaranteed to find the perfect gift.

When it is time to go shopping, many people want to get what they need and leave. This can be difficult if there are a few different items that are needed from a few different stores. Driving around for miles can be time consuming and it can be frustrating dealing with traffic. Instead of traipsing around all over the place, Central Avenue is convenient and allows those who only need a few items to get what they want and to get home as quick as possible.

Then there are those people who make a trip to the mall into an all day experience and these people just love to window shop and dream about what they would buy if they had they money. With all the shops at Central Avenue it is not difficult to spend an entire day here and still not browse through every shop. There are plenty of high end shops to keep the dreams alive as well as affordable shops that make dreaming unnecessary. With every price range in between, this shopping area has something that caters to every taste and budget.

No matter your shopping style or needs, you can find what you are looking for at Central Avenue and you can have a great meal while you are looking for the perfect purchase. It is convenient and allows you to navigate the area easily without having to drive around and burn through expensive gasoline or deal with traffic. Just park your car and walk through the open air shopping area or run in a grab that much needed item. This is the perfect place for families to take their children shopping as there is just so much to see and do.

Have you Met My Shopping Genie? Is My Shopping Genie Any good? Review

This introduction to My Shopping Genie may change your online shopping habits for ever, saving you the two things that are always in short supply – time and money. Developed by MyNet Universe, the software has made over 30 million price comparisons for online shoppers in 3 years, and that number is growing every day.

Your personal bargain hunter

Using My Shopping Genie to make price comparisons online is like having a personal shopper go out to thousands of stores to find you the best prices and deals – online. Each time you search for an item on your preferred search engine, the software automatically conducts its own search, comparing prices at over 200, 000 online retail and auction sites. The software searches the big names like Amazon, Sears, Walmart and eBay, as well as ones you may not know of and would take hours to find in your normal search results.

Using the toolbar that appears discreetly at the bottom of your screen, you can select from the specific retailers listed, or you can select ‘Compare’. This is where the magic if My Shopping Genie is revealed. A small window opens with a shortlist of sites – these are the stores where this appi found the best prices for the item you are searching for. Selecting the ones you’d like to see opens each site in a different tab, on the page where the item is listed, so you can easily browse and select the store you want to buy from.

Saving you time and money

Compared to a normal search, where you have to wade through millions of search results, some of which don’t even lead to the product you want to buy, My Shopping Genie is a real time-saver. No more writing down website addresses and prices on scraps of paper, then having to return to each page to check the prices again. My Shopping Genie leads you directly to the online retailers offering the best prices. If you click on the ‘Deals’ tab in the My Shopping Genie toolbar, you’ll be taken to all the top sites offering free trials, discounts, coupons and other deals.

Easy to use, free to download

Now you know how easy My Shopping Genie is to use, you’ll be wondering how much this innovative software costs. Well, this is the really great part – it’s free! You can download the software and install it on your computer at no cost to you. The installation takes a couple of minutes, and the software starts working immediately, finding the best prices and deals for you. This certainly makes My Shopping Genie an appealing option. Having used the software, I can’t say that i found any problems with it – and it really does find the best prices, quickly and easily.

My Shopping Genie can make you money too

You can actually earn money with My Shopping Genie too, not just save it. By signing up to their affiliate program, you can earn money by promoting the software to friends, family and colleagues who shop online. Since it’s free to download it won’t take much convincing either.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection. My Shopping Genie does all the technical stuff for you – they even give you a ready-built website – and they give you a special personalized link to their site. When anyone clicks on that link and downloads the application, you start earning. You can personalize the website with your own logo or company name, and start a business from home that will steadily grow. With almost 230 million internet users in the us alone, the potential market for this software is huge.

To promote the software, you can send that personalized link, or the link to your website, to friends, family and colleagues. You can do this via email, or promote your website in other ways, such as online classified adverts. Each time they tell someone else about My Shopping Genie and send that person to the site via your link, your earnings increase. If any of these contacts sign up to be an affiliate for My Shopping Genie as well, you earn from their promotional efforts too.

The real bonus is that you’re not ‘selling’ anything. Your contacts will pay absolutely nothing to download the application software, and it will save them time and money when they are shopping online. Who wouldn’t want to download it?

Meet My Shopping Genie – a useful friend to online shoppers around the globe – saving you time and money, with the potential to earn extra income for you too. Free, convenient, easy to use with earning potential may sound too good to be true, but this is one product that really does what it claims to do.

Conscientious Shopping In Stylish Woven Tote Bags

More and more people have become conscientious in their shopping concept by using eco friendly shopping bags. The reasons are obviously slanted towards cutting down the cost of constantly buying disposable shopping bags, the ease in carrying them, savings value in the long term use of these bags and reducing environmental risks. This new concept in cost-efficiency and eco-friendly based products was taken seriously by manufacturers to innovate their products aligned with customer satisfaction and global environmental awareness.

Woven pp bags are designed to carry more weight, are convenient and reusable. The latest trend in the manufacture of shopping tote bags are fashionable and can be used for other purposes other than shopping. The woven shopping bags are durable and long-lasting. Thus, you don’t need to buy one for longer periods. These eco friendly shopping bags provide comfort and convenience to the shopper while contributing to the soundness of his/her environment.

The new trend in shopping tote bags evolved from the growing awareness on cost-efficiency, fashion trend and concern for the environment. Woven pp bags are durable and designed for heavy weight. Stuff your grocery items into your woven tote bags, you don’t have to worry about snapping handles and spills due to breakage.

The preference for eco friendly grocery bags is permeating the consciousness of shoppers and business. The popularity of eco friendly shopping bags has penetrated the markets and people are just switching to these kinds of bags. In keeping up with environmental care and responsible shopping, the choice of eco friendly shopping bags offers more advantages in terms of cutting down unnecessary expenses at home and at the business.

The use of shopping tote bags have become functional and fashionable. These bags are designed to be used for any occasions, any weight and any place. They are more convenient and cheaper in the long run, and are creative alternatives at a time when inflation affects every single necessity in life. Style and functionality are possible with reusable grocery bags. Use them to carry around foodstuff – they are dependable. Use them to transport small but heavy items – also they are reliable.

Disposing off these woven tote bags takes a long time. They are made to last longer than plastic and paper bags. The outstanding feature of woven tote bags is that you carry them like cool fashion bags, and at costs that will astonish you. Shopping tote bags are definitely in. Plastic bags are out. Eco friendly shopping totes will take care of your next generation if you decide to take them on. Plastic shopping bags are environmentally unsafe and costly, in the long run. Eco friendly bags are reliable and safe to use.

It is time to make the change and get in sync with fashion and nature.

Shoe Shops – A place for Your Footwear Needs

Shoe shops are places where shoes and other footwear for men, women and children, including sandals, boots, fashion shoes etc. are sold. Over the past few years shoe shops have undergone enormous changes all over the world. Due to the ever-increasing competition from other footwear lines, competition between shoe shops has also increased. To meet people’s needs and outdo each other all kinds of footwear of leading and lesser known footwear lines are stacked in the shops. From designer expensive shoes to inexpensive sneakers, every effort is made to please the pockets and needs of everyone.

Now that entrepreneurs all over the world have realised the power of the internet as the ultimate selling tool, cyber shops have now become a very common entity. Cyber shoe shops are not bound by time, location, and number of target people or other limitations. There is an online shop now for every kind of business. Footwear lines too now have their own online shoe shops selling directly to people without any middlemen involved. These shops list all their footwear with pictures and descriptions, which anyone in the world can see and order what they like.

Marco Tozzi shoe shops are a very good example of footwear shops both online and in the real world. Marco Tozzi is a world famous name in the field of designer footwear. Your choice of footwear speaks leaps and bounds about your personality. It is an essential ingredient in your social and professional success. Marco Tozzi shoes give you the choice to pave your way to success by presenting to you an extensive range of footwear to meet your needs.

If you want that celebrity look, Marco Tozzi boots are a very good choice. Available in different colours and styles, they go very well with both formal and informal clothing. Choose the right boots to make your own style statement. Even the sandals offered by Marco Tozzi are a very stylish and a good choice during spring and summer.

Marco Tozzi online shoe shops are a boon for people in places very Marco Tozzi shoes are not sold in shoe shops. Anybody can access their shops online and go through their vast range of footwear. Once they have decided what they want to buy, they can make an order. They can pay for their order using a credit card or by other convenient means. And that’s it, once the order is finalized, their items are delivered at their door step, all from the comfort of their home.

Learn the truth About Mystery Shopping

I’ve heard a lot of misconceptions about mystery shopping lately, so I’ve decided to write an article about it. Unfortunately, because of all the scams out there, many people believe that all mystery shopping opportunities are scams. However, this just isn’t true. There are scams in this area, but there are legitimate mystery shopping jobs as well!

First, let’s talk about what a mystery shopper does. Mystery shoppers are sometimes called secret shoppers or shadow shoppers. A mystery shopper will enter a place of business to gather information about service, quality, cleanliness and other issues for the owners of the business. The business owner wants to make sure their business is being run correctly. Usually, the shopper will be directed to purchase something, ask questions or do other things typical of a regular customer. After the visit, the shopper will fill out a report about what happened. Contrary to popular belief, the business owners do not usually want to hear the shopper’s opinion about the store, they just want to know exactly what happened during the visit.

Many different types of businesses who operate in the retail environment utilize mystery shoppers. These businesses include retail stores, banks, restaurants, hotels, salons and spas, housing, health care providers, and others. Because so many businesses utilize this service, there are millions of mystery shoppers all over the world. Unfortunately, the interest in this position has tempted scammers. Therefore, when looking for a legitimate mystery shopping job, you must be extremely careful. The easiest way to make sure that you are dealing with a legit company is to visit the Mystery Shopping Providers Association website. In addition, if a mystery shopping company asks you to pay a fee, it’s time to run in the other direction. Real shopping companies won’t ask you to do this. Be wary of claims of outrageous pay, such as $50 – $100 or more an hour. This is unrealistic and not indicative of typical pay from a legit company.

Pay for completed shops can vary widely, from a few dollars to $100. Jobs that require a specialized knowledge or skill, take a long time or are difficult to find may pay more than other jobs. Sometimes, the shopper is directed to make a small purchase. When this happens, they are reimbursed for the cost.

Most people do mystery shopping as a part-time way to make some extra money. If the shopper lives in a large city, it might be possible to make a living doing secret shopping only, but it would be difficult and would require a lot of time and a great deal of organization! For a lot of people, it’s a great way to obtain free products or services that they would have to purchase otherwise (such as gasoline).

The best way to get started is to apply to as many shopping companies on the MSPA website as possible and go from there. You don’t need any special skills, as each company will require you to complete their training before you are allowed to complete shops.

Be aware that mystery shopping companies will ask you a lot of questions, and some of them may make you uncomfortable or they may seem senseless. However, remember that these companies are sometimes looking for a shopper who meets a particular profile. You need to answer their questions honestly. In addition, remember that these companies will need to know your social security number. You will be an Independent Contractor, and the mystery shopping companies are required by law to report your income to the IRS. Before entering your social security number on any mystery shopping website, make sure that it is secure by checking that the website address begins with “https” and that you see the image of a lock at the bottom of your browser window. Remember to never pay a fee to get a mystery shopping job, or to gain access to a “list” of legitimate mystery shopping companies. Keep your wallet closed!

Be wary of the “overpayment” scam utilized by many scammers. In this scam, they send you a hot check from which you are supposed to keep your “pay” and wire the rest to another location. If you do this, the check will bounce and you will be responsible to your bank for the entire amount of the check.

A few Helpful Tips Regarding Shopping in Puerto Del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is the most visited resort in Lanzarote Isle. With beautiful scenery, good clubs or restaurants, it is also a great shopping place. Arrecife might be the shopping capital of the island, but what could be cooler than shopping along the strip? Along the total 6km of strip in Puerto del Carmen you have all kind of shops you might have dreamed of.

Gift shops

Stocked with ornaments, Spanish gifts, postcards, sweets and all typical trinkets, these shops are enjoyed by everyone. They are perfect for buying souvenirs or just buying general wear for the beach like hats, creams, towels or swimsuits.

Tobacco, perfume & alcohol shops

You can find perfumes and aftershaves in specific shops along Puerto del Carmen’s strip. Except some common and unknown brands, you can even find well-known, worldwide brands in some shop or another. Bargaining is particular for Tobacco and spirit shops, which sell all brands and makes of cigarettes, cigars and hand rolling tobacco.


I’m sure everyone shopping here hopes to find their designer bargain of the holiday. Biosfera shopping centre is a place where you can wander around and look for things on your taste. You can find shops here with top brands like Footlocker, Levis, Zara and Mango and also Spanish brands like Pull and Bear. You can find watches here, even top brands like Diesel and Lacoste. The strip in Puerto del Carmen offers everything one can imagine, from electric goods, everyday shops, banks, all kind of agents to ice cream and bars, restaurants and clubs – in insane mix that makes it unique and unforgettable.

Virtual Shopping cart software – Know more About The Shopping cart Industry

Giving your customer ease to shop online is one of the remarkable steps to be taken in order to increase profits. For going online for the customers, virtual cart software is must thing to have. While setting up a store online one must keep in mind: online stores must have everything possible that is in physical store. The very first thing a customer may need when shopping is shopping cart. For online shopping there has to be shopping cart on the website. To fulfill that basic need there are many virtual shopping cart available in market.

The main aim of this software is to give the customers of viewing items they have selected to buy. This software gives customers ease of watching their shopped item and calculating total cost of their shopping. All is done on purpose of letting customers feel that they are shopping online in the same way they do shopping in super stores. We all know the fact, for many shopping is fun. Marketers try their best to keep online shopping a fun as well. This all can possible when online shopping would be more and more resemble with real-time physical shopping.

One of the available shopping cart software is the e-commerce shopping cart. While picking a virtual shopping cart one must keep in mind that software must to easy to work on with complicated source codes and plug-ins. It is one of efficient, worked well, well adapted and well recommended thing to add-on an e-commerce site. This is a fact you may not able to have an office or showroom in every possible place in the world. But, via online shopping; selling your products on the whole globe is possible. Now, you can each in every town, city, country and continent just by having an online store.

There are a number of available packages in the market that make you virtual store featured with this facility for your customers. Before opting one there are few things that one must keep in mind. Though all software supposed to do the same thing but making a sensible and wise choice surely make a big difference in your sales, profit and reputation of the online store. One you picked for your shopping website must have proper guidance for installations. There is software that has proper wizard with installation guide. If this wizard is not present in one avoid it.

After easiness of virtual shopping cart, here comes the cost of it. How much the complete package is going to cost you and how many ways will it benefits you and your business? These are few things that must be considered before getting done with package. All you need to do is find a package that gives maximum benefits as well as fits in the budget. There are software packages that have option of customization. Customization of virtual cart software that makes you able to set it according to your business needs and the needs of your potential customers.

9 Reasons to Open an ebay Shop

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced seller or are just toying with the idea of selling on eBay, opening a eBay shop is a proven way to reach customers you would not have otherwise reached. eBay. co. uk is the 99th busiest site in terms of weekly/monthly visitors in the world. With over 10 million transactions per week eBay. co. uk is bigger than with an average spend of £55.00 per head of UK population. The learning curve compared to opening an internet shop is also a lot less there is no need have advanced technical knowledge to run an eBay shop. These factors help to make eBay a good start point for people wishing to get into online business.

1. Increased exposure. eBay s own data on sellers which have opened shops claims that the average sellers see an increase in sales of around 1 quarter (25%) Depending on the, market sector you are in the increase in traffic can rise by 100s if not 1000s of potential buyers all looking for your items.

2. Increase repeat sales. From the day you open your shop you have a fixed address and users can search for your shop name in the advanced search section, choosing a memorable name that people can easily remember, but more importantly one that does not have lots of similar sound shops in the eBay search results (try your shop name now) and any variations that you can think potential customers may mistakenly search on. eBay has now altered it Top rated to force sellers to increase customer service, this will also help lead to more repeat buyers.

3. Time saving. eBay shops have some extra features which are not support when just selling as individual, these are to help increase productivity, automatic relisting of unsold items, Increase in the time period an item can be advertised for from the usual 7 days now it is possible to list items for 30 60 90 120 or even good till cancelled, ideal for business sellers who do not wish to have to constantly relist items every 7 days.

4. Increased credibility. Having a fixed location for your store helps to increase buyer confidence, adding a phone number to your shop design will also help to create increased confidence in your buyers minds. A well designed eBay store helps you stand out from the crowd and any other seller who is just carrying default ebay shop design, eBay shops are allowed upto 300 categories and you can sub categorize as much as you like, the manage eBay shop design area is kind of straight forward to find you way around but can be very limited in what is achievable here.

5. Increased peace of mind. When opening a web site to sell from you are not always sure that your buyers are using there own credit cards, or that your method of accepting payments is secure, eBay have spent considerable amount of money on making sure that the marketplace is a safe as possible it also has a dispute console where no paid items dispute s for example can be resolved.

6. People can find you. As already mentioned earlier when you open a eBay shop you get a unique URL (address) that you can use to drive customers to your shop, for example with offline leaflets in your existing retail outlet or sent with your sold items to existing buyers.

7. Advanced promotional tools, eBay has cross promotion tools for shop owners these allow you to control which items are promoted to potential buyers when looking at your items, as well as this you also get access to email marketing tool and the eBay newsletter feature, both of these tools help drive more repeat business and allow you to connect to people who have already purchased off you.

8. FREE eBay sales report. EVERY ebay shop owner gets a free monthly sales report that details their sales statistics by category and monthly sales, also it covers the conversion rates, number of buyers, if you have a featured or anchor store, also you will receive a eBay marketplace benchmark, this allow you to see how well you are doing against other sellers and your position on eBay top sellers, if you use the Accounting assistant software you are able to export all your data from eBay and PayPal into Quickbooks.

9. eBay used to run a program called ebay powersellers, this has now been replaced with the Top rated program, this measure the feedback of buyers and the buying experience you provide your buyers, eBay rewards good sellers by giving them discounts on listing fees and final sales fees, but more importantly Top Rated sellers are placed higher in the default search for items, this leads to more sales and should be the goal of all sellers looking to make money from selling on eBay.